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Make a Donation Today! 

Welcome to our Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival, where every step we take is supported by the generosity of our community. Your donation isn't just a financial contribution; it's a catalyst for the growth and vitality of the arts. 

For over five years, our festival has been a beacon of connection, bringing together artists and audiences alike to celebrate the power of movement. With your help, we've nurtured the development of countless choreographers and dancers, inspiring them to push boundaries and reach new heights of creativity through their choreography and workshops led by nationally respected artists. No matter the size, every gift you give helps us build a more vibrant Orlando, Florida—a place where innovation and expression flourish. Together, we have the opportunity to expand this culturally rich experience, welcoming emerging choreographers from across the country to share their vision and passion with our community. 
Join us in shaping a future where dance thrives and inspires for generations to come.

Partner with us!

At the heart of our dance festival lies the profound impact that artists and their art create, touching the lives of hundreds through performance and enriching professional workshops.

Partnering with our dance festival offers a myriad of benefits for your organization. By aligning with us, you gain access to thrilling cultural experiences while nurturing emerging artists during a pivotal time of their career. Additionally, we work with your organization to creatively activate your brand - reaching new audiences and demonstrating your organization's vital commitment to the vibrancy and wellbeing of the arts community. Join us to support dance artists' profound work and our invaluable art sector development.

For further details on how the Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival can align with your partnership objectives, please reach out to Anna Lee Normann, our Development Director at

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