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Why is CDCFest important?


The CDCFest is a professional Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival bringing together emerging and established choreographers to present their work in Orlando, FL. Opportunities include an audition to be placed in the opening number of the showcase, master classes and performance, all open to the Orlando dance community as well as festival participants.

 The city of Orlando has a dynamic art scene and state of the art theaters in which dance continues to impact. This festival's mission is to provide dancemakers a space to present their work and continue to build a strong network among the dance community in Orlando. Our goal is to showcase the power that contemporary dance can have in a community with work from global dance makers who are commenting on current issues or concepts in the world.


Why is CDCFest important?

In a city where contemporary dance on a professional level is scarce, this Festival strives to provide dance makers a platform to have their voices be heard and their work be seen. It encourages artists to apply who create work about something relevant and meaningful in the world. The Festival also strives to excite an atmosphere of social connection between Orlando dancers and the artists who are traveling from all over the US to share their passion.

As a beacon for contemporary dance in Orlando, CDCFest is a sleeping giant for the future growth of this city's artistic diversity, building audiences, and for the choreographer's and dancers who participate. CDCFest sinks it's roots into Orlando in preparation to become one of the countries significant platforms for contemporary dance choreographers to come together and showcase their work.


The purpose of CDCFest to provide an inclusive and diverse platform for emerging and professional choreographers, of various backgrounds and experience, to showcase their work and have their voices heard by Orlando audiences. 


The festival aims to challenge Orlando audiences’s perceptions of contemporary dance and dancers by representing all aspects and realms within the form.


CDCFest identifies with the challenges the dance world faces and strives to face them head on by building a community within the program instead of a competitive atmosphere.


The festival values diversity, inclusion, community  and professionalism, and strives to raise the bar within the program every year in the selection process in consideration of those values.




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